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With a degree in Economics and having recently attained the certificate in Asset Management from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, Ian’s educational background and passion is very much in the world of investing.  On top of this strong academic foundation are numerous professional qualifications across many aspects of financial services, in multiple jurisdictions including Singapore, where he lives and is a Permanent Resident, Hong Kong and his home country, the UK.  A career spanning 15 years, Ian has invested in and navigated through bull and bear markets, full business cycles and is not only still around to tell the tales, but has thrived and learnt much throughout them.  More than 13 years of this career has been in Singapore in the financial advisory industry, with over a decade at the same firm where he is also a shareholder.  Clearly there is stability and longevity demonstrated with such a track record.


Ian has also founded businesses in different countries and in a wide range of sectors.  Today he co-owns a number of successful small companies, as well as sitting on more than one Board as a Non-Executive Director (NED).  Business is not the only area of interest for Ian who is also keen on charity work and philanthropy.  He’s supported many charities over the years as well as being an active part of his family’s own charitable foundation, The Pryor Foundation, which looks to help disabled and under privileged children.   He was also the creator and driving force behind a lot of IPP’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy as well as personally, and for clients, looking at sustainable investments and ESG (Environmental and Social Governance).


All of this combined make Ian not only a trust worthy financial planner and investment adviser, but also means he can personally relate to the varying experiences and challenges expatriates and global citizens face today. 


Out of his suit Ian is a social golfer, cyclist and tennis player and likes the challenge of endurance sports having completed a number of marathons and a 50km trail run. His love for the outdoors and testing his personal boundaries extends to mountains and he has successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro (the world’s tallest freestanding mountain) and Mount Elbrus (the highest point in Europe).  He also enjoys travelling, food, wine, cigars and whiskey.  Ian is interested in horology and is an avid watch collector. 

Ian Pryor

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