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 Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing - for tomorrow and today.  The future winners are taking sustainability seriously already! 


This is not just “something for Millennials”.  It started with clean energy funds, evolved to screening out companies heavily involved in undesirable activities likely tobacco, fossil fuels, gambling etc., to the now in vogue ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) investing.  But, like with Quality Investing, there are widely varying ways of defining and fulfilling ESG investing.   Find out more on my take on Sustainable Investing below:

Investing in companies that take ESG seriously has historically provided outperformance compared to the general stock market.  This outperformance is fast becoming more pronounced, and I expect that trend to continue.  Companies are slowly catching on, isn’t it time you started to look at Sustainable Investing?

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Articles on Sustainable Investing

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Sustainable Investing Series – Vol. 1

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