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Quality Investing

Quality Investing, the best kept secret in investment allocation!


Factor Investing of various kinds are popular with fund managers and private investors alike.  There is much literature on the most common of these, namely Value investing, Growth, Momentum and Market Capitalization styles.  The least known in practice, with very little academic coverage and literature, is actually the best! Quality investing has been historically, and is today, the best relative performer of them all.  Find out more on Wall Street’s best kept secret below:


My personal definition of a Quality company being one that is: A market leading, profitable business with a wide moat (sustainable competitive advantage), little or no leverage, a strong balance sheet and high margins.

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Articles on Quality Investing

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Quality Investing Series – Vol. 2

The factor investing style that should be at the core of all portfolios but isn't.

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Quality Investing Series – Vol. 1

What is it, and why should you consider using this strategy?

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